Our Barvinok Siberian Kittens have conquered the world!

We take care of all the steps for international delivery: you just pick up your companion at the airport nearest to you. We make sure that your Barvinok Siberian Kitten travels comfortably and safely from our Cattery to you. 

A few words from Barvinok families:

We are very excited to know that the families worldwide are so happy with their Barvinok Siberian Cats. We are deeply touched knowing that we succeed in creating and generating happiness in many people’s lives. 

For testimonuals

Testimonial Betelgeuse of Barvinok 

Betelgeuse is my first cat. When he first came to home, he was a little bit shy and maybe also tired because of the long flight from Europe to US.

He quickly leant where the litter box is after I showed him only once. He hid in the corner for the first day but soon got adapted to the new home.

I have fed him for 2 month now and he’s been like an angel. He will rub you using his head if you reach out your hand and you can pet him freely (not the belly when he is playing though :)).

He is always around me when I’m sleeping, studying and taking shower (suprised that he is not fear of the water). He is never picky about the food. Actually he is a foodie and always wants to steal from my plate!

I got pictures weekly before the kitten can be shipped so I don’t miss his childhood.

I was worried about the long trip but the import and custom clearance turned out to be pretty smooth. I am glad I have chosen Barvinok Siberians.

Wenxin Xu, San Francisco, the USA”.


I can’t believe it’s been 1.5 years already since Mipha (Fekla of Barvinok) came to my home and brightened my life ever since. I can still believe the first day when she arrived at the airport. I fell in love with this little furry beauty with green eyes right at the moment when I saw her in the shipping cargo.

It didn’t take her a long time to get familiar with the new environment. “Very good personality” – that’s the first impression she gave me, every guest visiting my place, and the vet.

Everyone appraised her like that because she’s so friendly to human.

Mipha is very outgoing not only to people but also to the other cats. She gets alone with another two cats at my home. And she’s very active and would love to go outdoor for exploration. She brought so many joys to my life!

Barvinok is definitely a good breeder not just because the outstanding Siberian cat breeds they raised, but also the smooth and easy adoption and international shipping process they ensured. Thank you!

Lili Yu, the USA


“Testimonial for Our Beloved Sherry:

From the moment she set foot in our New Jersey home a year ago, our vivacious and affectionate feline quickly made herself the apple of everyone’s eye. An embodiment of cheerfulness and grace, she’s our little angel who brings joy and laughter into our lives daily.

Her warm and friendly demeanor is unparalleled, making every first-time encounter seem like a long-time friendship. She never hesitates to flaunt her beautiful coat and proudly swish her voluminous tail.

Our kitty is not just a pretty face; she’s an intelligent soul. Within a short span, she mastered commands like “sit,” “shake hands,” and “act cute.” Remarkably, she took just a day to learn how to use the talking buttons to express her desires. Her gentle heart extends beyond humans; she is kind to all small creatures and forms fast friendships with the canine members of our neighborhood.

She is fearless, easily adapting to new surroundings, and even played the part of a feline flower girl at a friend’s wedding.

Our love for her knows no bounds. To celebrate her first birthday, we broadcasted a video montage of her delightful moments on the giant screens of New York’s Times Square, sharing our pride and joy with the world.

She’s universally adored by both humans and animals alike.

She’s not just a pet; she’s family, an inseparable part of our lives.

As we look forward to many more adventures with her, our only wish is for her days to be filled with wonder, excitement, and boundless happiness.

Yinuo, New Jersey, the USA”.


“Cheney is a kitten with a great personality and is very clingy.

He is now more than one year old and weighs nearly 7kg. Every day when I go home and open the door, I will see a fluffy gray furball rushing towards me.

He likes humans very much, no matter who comes, he will come forward to say hello, let people touch or hug at will.

Sometimes when I’m sitting on the couch or lying on the bed, he will actively jump into my arms and rub me, purring happily at the same time. His voice is very delicate, I‘ve never heard him yelp, just grunting when he wants to eat or when interacting with humans.

We have tried to take him out for a walk. He will be a little nervous when he goes to the place for the first time, but he will show his desire to explore after getting familiar with the venue.

It has to be said that Siberian cats have some similarities with dogs, and you can get the happiness of raising cats and dogs at the same time.

Of course, as a big cat, Cheney loves to eat very much, and he is hardly picky eaters. We also pay attention to controlling his weight on the premise of ensuring his healthy growth, so that he will not be overweight.

Everyone who sees him will say how big he is, but that‘s mainly because of his shaggy and thick three-layer hair that makes him look fat. It is said that Siberian forest cats will grow until they are five years old, I am looking forward to how big he will be by then lol!

Qingmin, San Francisco, the USA”.


“The best decision I made in 2022 was to adopt Yuna from Barvinok Cattery. At that time, we were choosing between several Siberian catteries, but we fell in love with Yuna at first sight. Iryna was a huge help through the adoption process. She sincerely cares about her cats and tries to find the best families for them. After we decided to adopt Yuna, Iryna would send pictures/videos of Yuna frequently. And while the travel between Europe and United States was pretty long, Iryna helped us go through the shipping process smoothly.


Yuna is such a perfect addition to our family. She is beautiful, adorable, healthy, brave, and social. Everyone loves her and all my friends are surprised how fast she gets along with strangers. She even enjoys going outside occasionally and socialize with other cats. My boyfriend and I love her so much and she deserves all the best in the world. If you ever think about getting a Siberian cat as a new family member, I would strongly recommend Barvinok.

Ziqi, California, the USA”


“We are so glad now that Afonya is part of our family.

Irina is extremely helpful and caring both about her cats as well as all our possible questions and issues.

Adopting Afonya into our family started with best possible steps because of her engagement – excellent breeding, delivery and after-care.

She was glad to keep contact with us after Afonya was here and filled us in with helpful advice. Afonya was delivered with all the necessary vaccinations and passport, and with Irina’s extremely helpful transportation cooperation.

She is obviously an experienced and passionate breeder and her personal warmth and care is reflected in her cats.

We are so happy about Afonya being a part of our family and that it happened because of Irina.

Zoran and levgenija, Amsterdam, the Netherlands”



“Adopting Udacha from Barvinok is a dream come true for us!

Me and my wife both love cats so much despite her being allergic to cats. Before adopting Udacha, we couldn’t have dreamed of living with a cat without her needing to take allergy pills every now and then.

We are so lucky that we found Barvinok, Iryna is super helpful with all our questions and the process of getting Udacha to our home, and her cats are just astonishing in every way. Our girl Udacha is so sweet and adorable with great temperament and playful nature. She is a little shy to new people but once she gets to know you she loves cuddling with you and sit on your lap all day long.

We are very grateful for Iryna to breed such wonderful kittens and for her also being a good friend, sharing all her knowledge about the breed and her cats with us. We recommend Barvinok to my friends and family and anyone who are interested in adopting the amazing Siberian cat.

Ran, New York, the USA”


“I grew up with the Siberian breed – from the time that I was a child, and until now, I was blessed with the opportunity to share my life with these cats. They are meant to be loyal and loving creatures that seek to be by your side… soft but strong, curious but cuddly. Perhaps we as owners mimic this loyalty, because when my previous Siberian passed from cancer, I immediately sought out her breeder. Unfortunately, she had moved on and I was left to start my search anew. Through that long and thorough search, I found and contacted many breeders… vetting and researching them, meeting their kittens, speaking to current and previous owners. I found that there are a lot of breeders who treat this purely as business, and nothing else. They are breeding for volume, not quality… and sometimes I wondered if the kitten I was holding was even representative of the standard.

I became very skeptical, finding breeders that had no connection to, or love for, the breed. But, eventually, I found Iryna. It was immediately evident that she has the genuine love for the Siberian breed that I was looking for. After talking with her extensively, it was clear that she had done years of research and has a great deal of personal knowledge through her involvement with representing the breed in the show world. She was even familiar with my previous cat’s lineage and foundation breeders. And she does not just care about quality, she cares with her whole heart about each and every one of her cats and kittens as if they were her own – even following when they are placed.

After listening to my experiences and needs, she made some thoughtful assessments about the personalities of her cats and made some suggestions. I was looking for a kitten, first and foremost… but my heart was still broken and longing for the companionship of my older Siberian. After a long period of discussions with Iryna, she made the selfless and unimaginably thoughtful decision to offer one of her own adult cats to me – Slava. In her estimation, Slava was the most similar to my beloved Siberian… and she was right. When Slava arrived, she was immediately friendly. She purred loudly, and with the same enthusiasm and bright happiness that my previous cat had. She follows me from room to room and jumps into my arms to wake me in the morning. It’s as if she embodies the spirit of my previous cat – the true heart and soul of the Siberian breed.

During the process, we also elected to adopt a kitten – Yuliana. Both cats arrived safely and securely, traveled exceptionally well, and won the hearts of all of the travel partners that helped them to their new home here in Seattle. Yuliana has a bright and rambunctious kitten personality. She loves to play (they both do), curl up with others (often upside down), and seek belly rubs. They are friendly and curious around strangers, seek to take part in our activities, and are completely comfortable with being handled. I can often find the pair of them curled up together, purring in each other’s company. These are intelligent and loving animals and anyone interested in a Siberian of superior quality, in regard to both looks and personality… and anyone looking for a breeder, and not just a ‘supplier’, from whom you can expect continued interest, communication, and care, needn’t look further. You’re here.

Kerin, Seattle, the USA”


“Yuliy is truly the most wonderful cat I’ve ever met, and I am so fortunate that he is my companion. He is incredibly social, playful, and curious. His coat is wonderfully soft and does not mat, and his tail is magnificent. He brings immense joy to my life each day. 

Iryna is a fantastic breeder who cares deeply about her kittens. She holds herself to a high level of professionalism and is very organized and knowledgeable throughout the process of adopting the cat. She was incredibly responsive and reassuring as I looked to bring Yuliy to Canada. If I’m looking for another amazing Siberian kitten, I would surely contact Iryna first. 

Thanks Iryna!


Scott, Vancouver, Canada”


“I feel very lucky every day to have Esme and Zola (formerly, Fiji and Florence of Barvinok) in my life. They are wonderful companions and family members. While they have distinct personalities, they are both warm and friendly. Although they will first want to check out new people visiting, they are also the kind of cats that will want to hang out in the same room as the party and have been known to jump into the laps of people they’ve just met. One of them always follows me around the house and they both like to be in the same room as me while I’m working from home. They’re super smart and have learned to come when called, touch their nose to a stick, and sit. They’re curious and bold enough to do some silly things and also docile enough to have their teeth brushed. 

I had originally ended up on the search for Siberian kittens due to desperately wanting a cat and having a couple family members with cat allergies. I am delighted to report that we’ve had at least three people to the house with significant allergies to cats who have been just fine inside the house, even snuggling with the cats.

The quest to find a reputable breeder was not easy one. There are so many questions to consider. I had actually originally identified a breeder living near me who I felt (and steel do feel) really good about, but the timing and waitlists didn’t line up for us to have kittens. This breeder recommended Iryna’s breeding philosophies and connected me with her. Iryna is incredibly responsive and friendly. She’s patient and willing to answer questions. It’s clear that she cares a lot about the kittens.

I should note that the journey to the US was a really long one for the kittens and did have a large impact on them at first. Perhaps there will always be some residual impact, but it’s not very noticeable at this point. I am very grateful to be moving through life with these two wonderful adorable balls of fluff!

Lotus, Boston, the USA”


“We Both my spouse and I fell in love with Siberian cats and the Barvinok Cattery in particular since the very first moment we’ve met Iryna’s majestic cat Margo Serenity.

We wanted a brown tabby kitten and Iryna matched us with Superman of Barvinok (aka Barrister), who became a new addition to our family. Iryna guided us perfectly throughout the entire process, going above and beyond!

She kindly helped us with the shipping arrangements, took care of vaccination, neutering, and with a great deal of patience explained us all the important details and further steps (there are quite a few – it’s like welcoming a new baby home!).

We couldn’t have been more impressed with Iryna’s unparalleled love and dedication to her cats, and we are so very happy to have gotten such a gorgeous kitten.

Barri is doing great! He is very friendly, playful, curious, and has an amazing personality. He’s a perfect companion, hangs out with us all the time and follows us pretty much everywhere :-). He’s already stolen our hearts! Thank you for bringing him in our lives and for all the information and support you have already provided!

We love our furry baby boy and recommend the Barvinok Cattery to anyone both far and wide.

Anna and Max, Canada”


“Leo (Sweetheart of Barvinok) is an amazing addition to our family and although we knew we are getting something special,  ALL our expectation

were overwhelmed by this joyful little boy so loving and so happy to explore his new world!!!

We are soooo happy with the inspiration to decide to bring Leo to Toronto. All or family loves him sooo much and he is enjoying every minute of it!!!

Thank you Iryna!

Mircea, Canada”


“The adoption of Stepan of Barvinok was a seamless process.  Firstly, Iryna deeply cares for her cats and was very easy to communicate with. 

She returned emails promptly and answered ALL of my questions and concerns with both patience care.  As well, she regularly sent pictures of Stepan. Iryna had Stepan shipped to me, in Canada, from Europe, and took the time to ensure he was not shipped alone.  She would only ship him with his brother and sister to make the transport easier for him.  This shows her level of care for her cats.  She feeds her cats only the best food which includes raw quail eggs as part of their daily diet.

Now on to Stepan.  He is a beautiful red cat, with a fun-loving personality.  He’s very affectionate, sweet natured and personable.  He adapted very quickly to our home and has been extremely easy to train.  My daughter has severe allergies to cats, but her reaction to Stepan has been minimal.  And the fact that he doesn’t shed, is a dream!  I would easily adopt another kitten from Iryna….quality pets and trustworthy breeder! ~ Dawn, Canada”


“I am so grateful to Iryna for entrusting Barvinok Krasavchik to me. What a gentle giant of a boy. He added his beautiful type and temperament to his 

kittens as well. It is very clear that Iryna is devoted to preserving the quality and character of the Siberian breed.

Dede, the USA”


“Hello, we are Lisa and Johan from the Netherlands. We adopted our Jamie (Roy or Barvinok) from Iryna. We are so fond of his sweet character and his mutual love for us, he is very well socialized and gets along very well with our older cat Mikey. He 

loves to come and cuddle with us, but he also thinks it is fantastic to go his own way and to have a good time with his big brother.

Lisa and Johan, the Netherlands”

Testimonial Lion King of Barvinok, Matreshka OF BARVINOK, Mr. Bakari of Barvinok, Princess of Barvinok

“In 2016 we were looking for a beautiful Siberian. A Siberian to cuddle with and to take to the cat shows. My preference had fallen on a certain color. I contacted the local breeder in question and the breeder indicated that it is very difficult to breed for a certain color. Shortly afterwards she sent us a message that she knew a very nice male kitten which was born in a friendly cattery. She sent a photo but I thought it was way too red. Henk, my husband, thought very differently about it because he thought it was beautiful. Through the local breeder we came into contact with Iryna. The local breeder had 

adopted a kitten from that litter herself and went to get her by car and suggested to take Lion King with her. That was a good plan, then we could just pick it up in our country.

How beautiful he was and is. A super sweet character. Perfect Siberian according to the breed description and never any health problems. We have a real cuddly bear and he is also doing well at the cat shows.

We breed with Sacred Birmans and because of the great character of the Siberians we also decided to start our work with the Siberian breed. We contacted Iryna and built up a relationship of trust. Iryna later entrusted us with a girl. Matreska is also so sweet and beautiful and gives birth very beautiful kittens. We picked up Matreska ourselves by car and also took her brother Mr. Bakari for our daughter.

In 2019 Iryna got another litter. A girl that looked like her mother Barbariska. Wow, I said I want that kitten. It took a while and Iryna entrusted her to us. We are so happy with the cats of Cattery Barvinok. They are just great.

We are eternally grateful to Iryna for these wonderful cats,

Henk and Marleen, the Netherlands”


“Dear Iryna,

In June of 2013 my wonderful girl, CFA GC Elizaveta of Barvinok was born. As you may recall I was in love with Margo and when I saw her daughter, I wanted to have her in my life. You were kind enough to help me arrange transportation to the United States and thus began an incredible journey.

Elizaveta has been one of the sweetest and finest Siberians that I have ever had the pleasure to share my life with. I have owned Siberians since 2005 and I have been showing and breeding since 2010 and I can say without a doubt that she is a perfect Siberian in every way, adding her sweetness and beauty to every moment.

She easily became a CFA a grand champion which is a very difficult achievement for a Siberian cat. Her manners and calm demeanor on the judging podium always drew positive comments from the judge and everyone in the audience as well.

Elizaveta is the kind of Siberian that every breeder hopes to achieve in their offspring but it is a rarity in many catteries because of poor choices often made in breeding and care. Your work and dedication with pedigrees and breed standards as well as choice in only using cats with the best temperament has been exemplary and I have appreciated your thoughts, friendship and advice over the years.

One of my best memories is traveling to Europe and having the opportunity to spend time with you over the course of several days. It was fantastic for me to meet you in person and I am always grateful that because of Elizaveta we met and had time to discuss not just cats, but many things in life. It means a lot to me that we were able to see each other after so many emails and photos exchanged. I value your friendship even more now and hope very much to see you again in the future.

Last year something unexpected happened. One of my friends, a young physician, lost her fiancé in a fatal accident. It was a devastating situation for her. She wanted a kitten to help her with the loss and loneliness and came over to see some of mine. Elizaveta was watching her from a distance as she often did with people she did not know and then did something I have never seen before. She jumped in my friend’s lap, leaned up against her chest and appeared to be comforting her. I knew right then that Elizaveta did not belong to me anymore. My friend is now giving Elizaveta an amazing and loving home and tells me she thinks Elizaveta saved her life. I visit her every few months and she is happy and healthy.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to have beautiful Elizaveta. If I can ever provide a reference for you, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best wishes,

Brenda, the USA”


“Premier Minister of Barvinok is our beautiful cat we adopted from Iryna.

With such loving care she brought him to the Netherlands to us. What a fantastic cat he is! No trauma or what so ever from the journey and immediately felt like home with us, even with our other Siberian, 2 dogs and 4 kids.

Iryna arranges everything so well; even our vet in the Netherlands could see it from only Looking in his passport.

Whenever I have a question, I can always contact Iryna and she almost always gives an immediate reaction.

I can really tell she totally lives for her own cats and the cats she gave up for adoption.

I have never had a cat Who his character is so sweet and who is so incredibly beautiful.

Definitely a breeder whom you can trust!

Sanny, the Netherlands”


“I knew of the breed Siberians here in Australia. I thought one day I would to have a Siberian and breed them. I am also a Birman Breeder of 30 

years. I asked my friend to help me find a nice boy to start my breeding program. I was sent photos and I came across this kitten posing nicely. I just fell in love with him and that is who I wanted. I made contact with Iryna, hoping she would consider allowing this boy to come to Australia. Iryna had concerns for a kitten flying all this way with all the restrictions that the Australian quarantine required Iryna and I to jump though. We both had lots of communications, getting to know each other as best we could. Finally on 4th July 2015 I went to pick up Zorro of Barvinok from Melbourne quarantine. I had to fly to Melbourne as I live in Canberra. Thankfully I had a friend who lived in Melbourne and we made the journey together. When I first saw Zorro I thought he was the most beautiful cat I had seen other than my Birman cats. We had lots of cuddles that night. He was loving, gentle and just perfect. Still a very young boy but I knew he would be a stunner when he matured. We flew home the next day. I had a bedroom already for him in our house as we spent many hours together in between going to work. He had another Siberian girl that i purchased from a breeder friend. When the young girl was old enough, she met with Zorro they became parents in Sep 2015. I have shown Zorro and he has won various awards. He has also won many hearts of other breeders that love him. He has also produced some beautiful show cats and they have achieved high awards on the show scene. As each year goes by, I see my boy growing into the best example of a Siberian here in Australia. His kittens have been stunning all have gone to pet homes unless I keep one for myself. I have shared a couple of his daughters with special friends to help with expansion of the genetic pool. It has been interesting to watch how much they grow and change each year. He will be 7 years old in June he as finally matured into a stunning boy. His nature is amazing. Never had a nasty word said in all the time I have had him with us. I can’t thank Iryna enough for her allowing gorgeous boy to travel to Australia. He lives on the deck attached to the house and looks through the kitchen window every day. He has a cavalier dog called Harry to share the day with or he will sit on my husband’s neck and rests while he has a cup of tea. He is part of our family. He likes to check what we have to eat and loves to sample the food. Zorro is my heart cat and he will stay with me until the end. The Siberian cat is a most interesting, interactive, be in your face cat. As a result of having Zorro of Barvinok who give me joy every day we have our routine cuddles I am also lucky I can say that I have a friendship with Iryna. That is important to me as well to stay in contact with whom I purchased this special boy.

Carol Cootes, Australia”


“We are parents of a single child, feeling a little bit guilty about that, we felt compelled to acquire a pet for us so she can learn some responsibilities and hopefully develop emotions towards an animal.

Unfortunately, decision was not easy because our daughter tested positive for dogs and especially cat allergies.

Our hopes were dashed until one of our friends mentioned about Siberian cats.  The more we read about them, their beauty, personality and potentially allergy free due to their low saliva protein level that causes allergies, we started the process of looking for breeder in United States.

Process was difficult, finding a good breeder is not easy, lack of trust – not breeding 100% Siberians and their not reliable vets, distance from breeders who refused to fly the animal to New Jersey.

Again, the luck struck again, one of local breeders that did not have any kittens available recommended someone in Europe believe or not.

We learned that Iryna built fantastic reputation of breeding Siberians in small numbers and she has tremendous focus on preserving the genetic pool so, cats are healthy and have great personality.

With some hesitancy due to distance from the Central Europe to New Jersey we decided to acquire not one but two kittens, which arrive to USA on KLM airlines in fantastic shape.

They are part of our family for the past 3 years and I can’t express enough how much joy they brought to our house and most importantly never triggered any allergies for our daughter.

Iryna has excellent doctors to check every born kitten, she focuses on preserving her impeccable reputation by breeding Siberians with great personalities and health.

I highly recommend Iryna as a source for anybody who is interested in Siberian cats all over the world.

Arthur, Margareth and Nathalie, Westfield, New Jersey, USA”


“5 years ago, my parents had picked up Lion from Iryna. Kevin had already been with my parents a few times and he said oooh I would so much like a red tomcat in the house. I had passed it on to my parents and Iryna who happened to have a litter 

with a red tomcat (Bakari) after a few pictures we were completely in love and it takes a while before Bakari can come. Fortunately, we had regular contact with Iryna and we often got pictures. The day Bakari came my parents picked him up by car together with his sister. I wanted to get Bakari but he was still so sweet with his sister that I really goodbye poor boy. But from moment 1 he is really all my friend. He did very well right away, but he found the other cats a bit scary so we put him alone for a while to relax, but within a few hours he was also good friends with the other cats. Bakari is a very sweet affectionate cat, sometimes a super big bastard, but he always comes to greet you when you come home and then grunt and give kisses. It is a real Siberian who also likes to hunt, but often he has a toy and then meows it all over the house and then he wants to play but if he has an insect, he looks at it and does not really know what he is there. must participate. I am so happy that we got to know Iryna and that Iryna has given us the confidence that we can take care of Bakari. We wouldn’t miss Bakari for the world.

Dees, The Netherlands”

Testimonial ROMASHKA OF BARVINOK (aka Raketta)

“About Romashka (Raketta) of Barvinok and her breeder Iryna by a proud cat lover.

Raketta wins our hearts

The first time I saw Raketta was on a well-known Dutch site for kittens. I fell in love with the picture.To this day that feeling continues. After some mails, apps and phone talks we were allowed to fetch her from her foster-address in the 

middle of the Netherlands. Never, ever we had any regrets. All of our lives we lived with cats, the last thirty years with Maine Coons. Now and then we met a Siberian cat. We did not know much about them. What a surprise and delight it is to live with Raketta. She lightens our day in this somber pandemic times.


Raketta is a very sweet, very smart, very charming brown torbie. In no time she befriended our old, grumpy Coons who love their comfort and rest. Raketta came in their and our lives as a whirlwind. She was and is a Rocket indeed. She is a very active, alert and curious young animal. She likes to run (really run!), jump and climb. She is very energetic. She was about four months old when she came to us. She adapted very fast to all the new creatures and things in her life. She is very balanced, has a lot of courage and she is so confident. She is loveable but she has also this independent and self-assured attitude. She is very, very smart. For example, we had to change the doorhandles, because this little lady could in no time let herself out. She understands some words, and not only the ones for food. She likes to cuddle, but not sitting on your lap. And she likes to accompany you and look what you are doing. When she was about half a year with us, we got a buddy for her. Mischa, also a Siberian. Then we saw again her social intelligence. In no time she made him feel all right in our household and taught him a lot. Now they are best friends.

Health and skin (fur)

The first time we took her to our vet (about a week after she came to live with us), the vet was immediately in love with her: – What a relaxed cat, what a beautiful fur and what a healthy and lively appearance. And indeed, her fur is so shiny and full of intense color. In the sun it looks like she radiates. Her fur is smooth and never fuzzy or curly.  Until this day she has never given one signal of illness or feeling of sickness. Every day vital, full of live and being her lovely self.

The breeder

We had the honor to welcome Iryna in our home a couple of months after Raketta came to live with us.  Cat love knows no boundaries. We appreciate Iryna’s ongoing interest in Raketta. We keep her posted with photos and apps. Iryna knows a lot about breeding and a lot about Siberians. It is fascinating listening to her. Her opinions of keeping the breed healthy and close to its origins are so well meant and serious. Iryna keeps her kittens longer than a lot of breeders (up to four months). Looking at Raketta, we think this surely has its benefits. Raketta was a very balanced, relaxed cat with al lot of confidence in herself, but also in people and other animals when she came to our home. Her social intelligence has had all the time to develop in her first surroundings. And these surroundings must have been full of love, patience and attention.

Martha and Liesbeth, the Netherlands

Testimonial Elektra of Barvinok

Ира, у тебя потрясающий питомник и обалденные котята, НО!!! Эти слова недостаточно характеризуют то, кого мы получили и какие чувства испытываем каждый день!

Я сама была заводчиком Невских Маскарадных кошек, я принимала участие в выставках и видела очень многих кошек. И меня сложно удивить. НО!!!!

Мой сын давно хотел кисю, ему не столь важно было кот или кошка, главное, чтобы зверь был добрый, умный и красивый по его пониманию. Я ждала удобного момента, чтобы и младший сын подрос и не был опасен для котёнка и чтобы момент был подходящий. И вот все сложилось.

Ира знает нашу семью давно и знает моих мальчиков и она очень хорошо понимала, кто нам нужен. Она выбрала для нас кошечку невообразимого окраса. Она прекрасна! Мы получали короткие милые видео с ней. Мы выбрали сами имя, ее зовут Электра. Настоящая Электрическая кошка , которая заряжает все вокруг, что аж плющит от мимишности.

И третье НО!!! Когда мы ее увидели вживую, это взрыв эмоций. Когда ты дрожишь от умиления, когда зарываешься носом в мягчайшую шерстку и вдыхаешь аромат сладких орехов… да-да, наша кошка пахнет сладкими орешками .

А ещё у неё много очень всяких достоинств, которые сводят с ума в хорошем смысле слова.

Есть ещё одна поразительная вещь: Электра такая общительная! Она столько издаёт разных звуков, что я поражена: никогда я не встречала кошек с таким разнообразным лексиком. Она и мяукает, и мыркает, и мурчит, и пищит, кряхтит, стонет, поёт…

Игривая, активная, любопытная, ласковая, умная.

Она сама определила в хозяины моего сына, она с ним спит, она с ним ест, она лежит у него на ручках, а он растворяется в ней… он счастлив! Его отпускает напряжение и он расслабляется, когда рядом с ней.

Электра на 1000000% наша кошка, такая разная и идеальная. Уже подросший такой комок меха, заставляющий угрюмых взрослых улыбаться , а бешеных детей замедляться.

Ира, спасибо тебе огромное за кошечку, которая нашу семью делает лучше. Очень желаю ей счастливой котячей жизни у нас!

Саша, Саша, Лева и Марк

Testimonial Sasha & Sasha & kids (Leon and Mark)

Ira, you have an amazing cattery and awesome kittens, BUT!!! These words do not characterize in full who we have received and what for feelings we experience every day!I myself was a breeder of Neva Masquerade cats, I took part in exhibitions and saw a lot of cats. And it’s hard to surprise me. BUT!!!!
My son had dreamed of a kitty for a long time, it was not so important for him to have a boy or a girl, the main thing he wanted is that the kitten would be kind, smart and beautiful in his understanding. I was waiting for the right moment, so that the youngest son would grow up and not be dangerous for the kitten, and that the moment would be right. And that’s where it all came together.

Ira has known our family for a long time and knows my boys and she understood very well who exactly we needed. She chose for us a cat of an unimaginable color. She is wonderful! We got short cute videos of her. We chose the name ourselves, her name is Elektra. A real Electric cat 😺, which charges everything around, which even flattens from cuteness.
And the third BUT!!! When we saw her live, it was an explosion of emotions. When you tremble with tenderness, when you bury your nose in the softest fur and inhale the aroma of sweet nuts … yes, yes, our cat smells like sweet nuts 😀.
And she also has a lot of all sorts of virtues that drive you crazy in a good sense of the word.
There is another amazing thing: Elektra is so sociable! She makes so many different sounds that I am amazed: I have never met cats with such a diverse vocabulary. She meows, and purrs, and squeaks, grunts, groans, sings …
Playful, active, curious, affectionate, intelligent.
She herself identified my son as the owner, she sleeps with him, she eats with him, she lies in his arms, and he dissolves in her … he is happy! He releases tension and relaxes when next to her.
Elektra is 1000000% our cat, so different and perfect. Such a ball of fur has already grown up, making gloomy adults smile 😀, and makes our mad children to slow down.
Ira, thank you very much for the kitty, which makes our family better. I wish her a happy cat life with us!

Testimonial Tsvetana from Barvinok

I adopted Tsvetana from Barvinok in February. I’ll say bringing her home is the wisest decision I have ever made. She is absolutely an angel.

Everybody loves her! She is super lovely and adorable, has really good personality, and absolutely pretty like a little princess! She is a brave girl and full of curiosity, loves playing with people and gets along well with everyone. Super healthy as well! Has really good habits and never makes me worry about anything.
Iryna is super nice and responsible! Arranged everything for us and super patient with questions or concerns we had. For sure loves her kittens and truly cares for them. I would recommend Barvinok to anyone who wants a lovely, healthy, and adorable Siberian cat.

Tianqi, the USA

Testimonial Tsvetik

Tsvetik came to my home in this early February. I really like her color which is blue the first time I saw her photos on Iryna’s instagram. Tsvetik was a bit shy when she first came to my apartment after a long long flight and a long driving from the airport to home.

She was a brave girl and got used to the new life very quickly and not picky for food. She ate a lot the first two months as she was growing very fast.
It was the greatest decision I’ve made because Tsvetik is such a sweet little fluffy baby. She has very great habits and keeps herself very clean every day. She loves staying and sleeping during the afternoon beside me all the time. She really loves staying on my chest and always forgets that she becomes a heavy princess now. She’s not a picking up type but a lovely cuddling buddy. She has so many love from us and we spoiled her a lot for almost whatever she likes. Every time when she wants anything or does something wrong, she will immediately lay down on the floor and show her belly.
I really recommend Barvinok if anyone wants a sweet and adorable kitten!

Esther Yang, Boston, the USA


I adopted Tsvetana from Barvinok in February 2022. I’ll say bringing her home is the wisest decision I have ever made. She is absolutely an angel. Everybody loves her! She is super lovely and adorable, has really good personality, and absolutely pretty like a little princess! She is a brave girl and full of curiosity, loves playing with people and gets along well with everyone. Super healthy as well! Has really good habits and never makes me worry about anything.

Iryna is also super nice and responsible! Arranged everything for us and super patient with questions or concerns we had. For sure loves her kittens and truly cares for them. I would recommend barvinok to anyone who wants a lovely, healthy, and adorable Siberian cat.

Tianqi, Maine, the USA