The Siberian, originating from Russian natural semi-longhair cats. The Siberian is a medium-large cat with the overall appearance of excellent physical condition, strength and power. Siberians are slow to mature, taking as long as 3 and sometimes 5 years to reach full maturity in most cases. Females are considerably smaller than males, and allowances should be made when comparing females and young cats to the standard.


Shape Top of head The head is big, in the shape of a short broad trapezium with soft contours. Top of head is flat. The head is in good proportion to the body.

Muzzle The cheekbone arches are broad and low set, not prominent. The cheeks are not plump. The muzzle is full, broad at base and rounded in contours. The nose is equally broad from the nose bridge to the nose leather, the nose is of medium length.


The chin is rounded and not protruding, slightly slanting back, in profile creating a curve from the upper line of the nose.


The line of the profile is formed by a flat forehead, a gentle rise at eyebrow level and a smooth concave curve in transition to the straight line of the nose without stop. The broad chin is rounded viewed both in front and in profile.


The nose is equally broad from the nose bridge to the nose leather, the nose is of medium length.


The ears are of medium size, well open and broad at the base with slightly rounded tips. Tips are rounded with well-developed hairs inside and tufts. The ears are set wide apart and slightly tilted forward. Ear tips are desired, but not necessary.


The eyes are oval, medium to large, the lower lid is slightly more rounded. They are set at a slight slant and wide apart. The distance in between eyes is minimum one eye or more than one eye’s width apart.


Size and boning

The cat is medium to large sized. Well-developed musculature and heavy boning. Males are considerably bigger than females. The general impression of the body is one of circles and roundness. With a barrel-shaped, firm belly giving the sensation of solid weight. Size is secondary to type. Body in proportion to create a rectangular appearance. Straight back, equally broad shoulders and hips.

Torso and Neck

Broad chest. The neck is short and solid, rounded, substantial and well-muscled.

Legs and paws

Legs are of medium length and very strong in boning, to form a rectangle form with the body. The paws are large, compact and rounded, well tufted between toes.


The tail reaches to the shoulder blade, it is broad at base, slightly tapering to a blunt tip and bushy, in good proportion to the body.


Structure: Guard Hairs

The fur hierarchy must be excellently expressed.

  1. Rough and glossy guard fur decorates tail, back, and shoulders. The dense, loosely falling top coat is water repellent, substantial, consisting of long strong guard hairs which are slightly hard to touch. It covers the back, the flanks and the tail completely.

Coat Color and Quality
Brown Classic Tabby

Coat: Regular Hairs

  1. The Guard Coat must be supported by thick and rough regular fur that forms compact windshield and heat insulation all over the body.

Coat: Length

The coat is of medium length. Ruff, frill, knickerbockers and ear tufts are desirable and can vary in length but should be never very mild and soft.

Coat Color and Quality
Brown Classic Tabby

Coat: Undercoat

  1. And the undercoat lining must be also thick and compact.

The very dense undercoat is fine and not lying flat, resilient to touch under a coarser, firm top coat.

The under parts of the body and the back of the hind legs have only undercoat.

The undercoat must be distinctly shorter than regular fur, otherwise the fur looks like fuzzy cotton wool rather than the uniform coat of wild animal.

Coat Color and Quality
Red Classic Tabby and Brown Classic Torbie

Coat is seasonal:

In summer the coat looks differently, because the Siberian cats lose their undercoat in summer.

The summer coat is significantly shorter, lighter but the top guard coat is always present.

The tail should remain bushy even during the warm summer.

The winter coat is particularly semi long on the neck, the chest, the trousers and the tail.

Coat Color and Quality
Brown Tabby Bicolor and Silver Tabby

Baby Coat

Usually the great structure of a unique Siberian coat is visible and touchable on even 3 months old kittens.

It has to be considered while judging young kittens.

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