Is a Siberian Cat right for You?

When you once become an owner of a Siberian cat, you will be amazed by all the feelings you are unlikely to have experienced before. I fell in love with their “wild” look and beauty and, at the same time, kind and fantastic character. The Siberian cats have the perfect combination of beauty, power, agility, and fun. If you are looking for an affectionate, playful cat with great personality, a Siberian cat might be the perfect cat for you. In fact, Siberian Cats are rapidly becoming the pet of choice for many families worldwide.

Dog-like Cat

Siberian has a “dog like” character, is often known as a problem-solver and shows loyalty to its owner or family, just indeed like a dog! Our Siberians are very sociable and friendly even to the strangers: our friends who visit us: they always come out and say “hello”, purring and wearing their tails like a squirrel, I call that a Tail-Up. They enjoy being in the room we are in, love cuddles, sitting on the lap (when they decide to do so! J) and being the center of attention. They can purr very loudly and love to head butt their human friends they love.

They like to interact with their human friends and tend to bond closer than other feline breeds. Siberians perfectly understand voice tone messages. That is why we often talk to them. They are also compared to dogs because they immediately respond when called by name. This also creates a situation that provides for easier training. Some of our Siberians are taught to fetch a ball, and are trained to walk on the leash.

Fantastic Companion:

Siberian cats make excellent pets, as they are intelligent, gentle, playful, loving and loyal, regardless of their age. They adore their human families and their visitors-with children holding a warm spot in their hearts. They have a wonderful depth to their purr and talk to you with a chirping sound, particularly when they are coming to greet you when you have been out.

A Siberian will follow you around, will help you in cooking and at work, will wait at the door for you to come home and greet you, and will miss you when you are away for a while.

Barvinok Siberians enjoy the companionship of another pets such as dogs or cats as well as children.

Excellent physical condition:

The Siberian Cats are wonderful climbers of great heights and jumpers. They are amazing hunters and they learn and adapt very fast to any situation. They like to walk in open spaces. The ideal home would be a house with a safe garden, so that the cat could move with freedom and explore its surroundings. They are powerful agile cats that can leap great distances and heights, sometimes appearing to fly through the air. At the same time, they love to play and will entertain you with their clown-like features.

Intelligent Family Member:

Siberians use their incredible intelligence to solve all kinds of problems-like determining to how to open a door to be with the owners they adore, how to get to the cat food for an extra meal, or how to recover their favorite toy their owner thinks they have so cleverly hidden out of reach! have watched some of my cats while they knew where the toy is (which was carefully hidden from them by us). And this cat will not give up: a Siberian will sit there and think how to get to it, and often, they reach out to the toy! They are quite quiet and quickly establish communications through body language.


And last but not least, Siberians are often a good choice for allergy sufferers, as they produce less FEL d1 protein in their saliva, which is responsible for most allergies to the cats. Yes, it is the saliva, not as commonly assumed the hair, that people are allergic to.

However it is not possible to affirm that Siberians are hypoallergenic cats. But if you suffer from a cat allergy that is not too severe, there is a very good chance that you could live happily with a Siberian cat. And, which is also important to know, neutered Siberian cats produce even less quantities of the allergen.

Considering 2 Siberians:

Though Siberians do not require as much attention as dogs, their loyal, familiar and participative character makes them want to be surrounded by people. Siberian Cats are very personable and want to be near their owners and family members. It is important not to leave them alone for long periods of time as they miss their family. 

If you do not have enough time for your Siberian, there is a suggestion for you: probably in that case you just need two! Two cats can interact with each other while you are at work, and then when you come back home, they will be very happy to spend time with you.

Siberian cats bond exceptionally well with people and more importantly, seem to sense which family member is supposed to be their Best Friend. Often the owners who already got their first Siberian, decides that one Siberian is simply not enough!

Specific needs and grooming

Siberian cats do not require special attention, just occasional grooming, which will help them to keep their coat in a perfect condition. We personally only use a metal comb Chris Christensen butter comb 000, which gets down to the skin and helps to avoid any signs of matting.

Siberian coat is firm triple coat and is water-repellent. Siberians are very difficult to wet. Even though they like water, it is important not to bathe them too often, as the hair might become less resistant to water. A Bath is only necessarily if you had some accident (mud etc.). It is not desirable to cut the Siberian coat: in this case the coat will become very soft and matted. Our cats shed in spring every year.


Siberian cats evolved through years of natural selection in the forests of Siberia. Unlike other breeds of cats and other animals, they came into existence without human intervention.

Nature itself has made them perfect, enjoying vitality and good health.

Siberian cats are also ideal for allergy sufferers as they practically do not produce the protein Fel D1, which has been proven to cause over 80 % of animal allergies.

In order to ensure the animal’s health and to minimize the risk of allergies it is very important to ascertain the pedigree of the Siberian cat you adopt. It must also be fully vaccinated and dewormed.