Our Successes

Barvinok Siberians are very successful both at the exhibitions of the European systems (WCF and FIFe) and of the American system TICA.

We have shown our Siberian cats with WCF, all the cats we have shown have excellent type, show temperament and are in good health, and they got the highest titles with WCF and won many shows in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. From December 2016 we additionally have been showing our cats with The International Cat Association (TICA), the USA.

The results of Barvinok Siberian Cats: 

  • World Champion WCF Margo Serenity who is ancestor of Barvinok cattery, won many WCF international shows in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.
  • World Champion WCF, RW NW SGC TICA Barbariska of Barvinok, Best Siberian Cat of ES, 11th Best AB Cat of ES region, 8th Best LH Cat of ES region, Best AB cat of the Czech Republic, season 2016/2017; Barbariska also won many WCF shows.
  • LA BW SGC TICA Maybach of Barvinok, Best Siberian Kitten internationally, 2nd Best AB Kitten of ES region, Best Siberian Cat in ES, Best AB Kitten and Cat of the Czech Republic season 2017/2018, Best Siberian Cat of ES region and 6th Best AB Cat of ES, season 2018/2019.
  • RW BW SGCA TICA Nika of Barvinok, Best Siberian Kitten internationally, season 2018/2019.
  • RW TICA Olympia of Barvinok, Best Siberian Kitten of ES region, 16th Best Allbreed Kitten of ES region, season 2019-2020.
  • RW BW SGCA TICA President Petja of Barvinok, Best Siberian Kitten of EN region, 7th Best Allbreed Kitten of EN region & 2nd Best Siberian Kitten and 1st Siberian Alter internationally.

Here are some of our successes with TICA:

when you scroll all breeds you can find out that Barvinok Siberians became Breed Winners in kitten class and alter class internationally, and that Maybach of Barvinok became International Winner in kitten class and also got the title Lifetime Achievement:

Petja of Barvinok became Best Siberian Alter internationally at TICA for a season 2021-2022, and the link will be published as soon as it will be available at TICA official WEB site:

These Barvinok cats have had their great careers and live with our friends:

  • GC CFA Elizaveta of Barvinok 
  • CCCA CH TR GD CH Zorro of Barvinok
  • CAPE Lion King of Barvinok 
  • RW BW SGCA TICA Nika of Barvinok 
  • RW SGCA TICA President Petja of Barvinok

At the moment we have titled cats who proudly wear Barvinok surname worldwide:

  • 2 World Champions with WCF
  • 1 Grand Champion with CFA
  • 1 Supreme Champion with FIFe
  • 1 Lifetime Achievement with TICA
  • 3 Breed Winners internationally with TICA
  • 5 Supreme Grand Champions with TICA
  • 6 Regional Winners with TICA
  • 2 European Premiors with WCF and independent system
  • 5 Champions with the European systems
  • 3 International Champions with European systems
  • 1 CCCA CH TR GD CH in Australia