How to adopt a Barvinok Siberian Kitten?

Every Barvinok litter is carefully planned, and we do not have litters often. Therefore, we advise you to write us already today so we can add you to our waiting list.

We have a waiting list for Barvinok Siberian Kittens, so it is highly advisable to contact us in order to adopt a kitten from us. We also deliver internationally, or you can come to us to pick your Barvinok Siberian Kitten up

We do care of every furry child and have fantastic relationships with all our pet owners. Here you can find and read the testimonials from the happy families which are the owners of Barvinok Siberian Cats.

We are very picky when choose the families for our furry kids. Please tell us more about yourself and your family, if you have experience with cats, whether you have cats or dogs in your home, whether you have children and of what age, why you decided to choose a Siberian breed. 

Why Get a Kitten from a Breeder Who Shows?

What are the benefits?

A good breeding program isn’t just about making healthy, happy kittens as pets. It’s about making better cats according to the standard for the breed while producing genetically healthy offspring with sound temperaments.

Earning titles proves that their cats meet the breed standard so that your kitten will look like the breed you fell in love with

Show cats have to be well-socialized, well-groomed, healthy, and enjoy attention from strangers

Showing helps ensure that your kitten’s parents will be sound in mind and body, and will have a healthy conformation.

Finally, showing indicates that the breeder cares about improving the breed and finding quality lines to work with.

The Siberian is ideal for:

People who want a dog-like cat

Families with children

Households that already have a dog or cat

If you want a social cat who will follow you around and loves being near you

Our Owners are:

Of course the most important thing for us is that you will provide our Kitten with a loving home, friendly atmosphere and a family member position. 

The new family must ensure that our Kitten will live in the house, not in the backyard or in cage and he or she will have complete freedom inside.

A Siberian will always be happy with the activities, not just lay down on sofa 🙂

Growing Kittens

  • It is very important for us when our Kittens get the best start as only possible
  • Kittens grow up in our house so there is a lot of time spent and a lot of love and attention for them.
  • We feed our Cats and Kittens only with natural and holistic super premium food including the wet food (beef from Scotland), bio white yogurt and raw quail eggs.
  • Kittens stay with us at least until they are 16-18 weeks of age (approximately 4 months old).

What You get with your Barvinok Kitten:

The Kitten will be registered in WCF (World Cat Federation), Germany, microchipped, dewormed, fully vaccinated and quarantined and checked by the veterinarian doctor 3 times before goes to a new home.

The Kitten package includes:

  • Contract
  • Official WCF 5-generations pedigree
  • Ownership Certificate
  • International Veterinary Passport

Our care does not end when our Kitten leaves our home: we stay in contact and keep in touch with the owners and we are always happy to share with you all our experience we have.

If you are inquiring our future litters please note that you can wait for a while (pregnancy will take 9 weeks and kitten will grow up 16-18 weeks), 6 months from the mating. This means that you can have a minimum of 6 months wait. Please also note that we accept the reservations all year long toward our future litters. Last minute cancellations and openings are made available to those who are already on our reservation list. 

Deposit and Payments

  • Reservation is open when the Kittens achieve 8 weeks old age at earliest. 
  • 16-18 weeks old Kitten price varies and shipping has to be paid separately.
  • Payments are divided into 3 sections: 

A Barvinok Siberian Kitten will only be considered reserved for You after the Deposit is paid. 

The deposit is irrevocable in case you change your mind later.

The deposit is refundable only if we cannot provide you with a Barvinok Siberian Kitten for a reason.

Potential owner should pay the Deposit as soon as he or she decides to reserve a Barvinok Siberian Kitten.

The remaining amount has to be paid maximum at the Kitten’s age of 3,5 months old and shipping should be paid minimum 2 weeks before departure.

We ship worldwide, the price will vary from country to country and with respect to all legislative conditions.

We use only official shipping companies (CARGO) or I deliver a Kitten by myself in person to You

We adhere to the official delivery rules (at least 4 months for international delivery)

The price of all our Barvinok Siberian kittens includes:

  • Neuter/spay surgery
  • Examinations by a licensed veterinarian doctor
  • All necessary vaccines
  • Wormers
  • International microchip
  • International health certificate
  • Pure breed 5 generations WCF pedigree
  • Certificate of ownership
  • Exceptional service (questions, advise etc)
  • A kitten filled with love