Considering getting 2 Barvinok Kittens?

Siberian cats bond exceptionally well with people and more importantly, seem to sense which family member is supposed to be their Best Friend. 

Often the owners who already got their first Siberian, decide that one Siberian is simply not enough!

Though Siberians do not require as much attention as dogs, their loyal, familiar and participative character makes them want to be surrounded by people. Siberian Cats are very personable and want to be near their owners and family members. 

It is important not to leave them alone for long periods of time as they miss their family.  

If you are rarely home or want a cat that will entertain itself – the Siberian forms strong bonds with his/her family and will become lonely without regular interaction.

In such case we advise you to get two Siberian Kittens so they will stay together and wait for you coming back. Two cats can interact with each other while you are at work, and then when you come back home, they will be very happy to spend time with you.

Miklukho Maklai and Matroskin of Barvinok

Miklukho and Matroskin are full brothers from the same litter and live happily life as companions in the USA. Their owners tell me often, the cats changed their lives forever. Please read also a testimonial about this pair here

Mikey (brown) and Roy of Barvinok (red)

Roy of Barvinok joined his Siberian friend Mikey and they became best friends. Both boys make their family very very happy <3

Henk (red) and Premier Minister of Barvinok (brown)

Premier Minister of Barvinok has joined his friend Henk and the difference in age is 1 year. Premier Minister now is bigger and heavier than his older Siberian friend

Nika and Petja of Barvinok

Nika and Petja have the same pedigree, but with difference in one year old. They both are show quality cats and live with their owners, another cats and dog in the Netherlands

Beer (brown) and Mr. Bakari of Barvinok (red)

Mr. Bakari of Barvinok is the best friend of his human mom Dees. He lives with 2 Birman cats and a Siberian named Beer

Mischa (red) and Romashka of Barvinok (brown torbie)

Romashka of Barvinok shares her household with her human moms and 2 another cats: red Siberian Mischa and older brown tabby Maine Coon

Trident (red) and Talisman of Barvinok (brown)

Trident and Talisman are brothers live in a very nice family in Holland. They enjoy themselves a lot, and their human parents are very happy with their furry kids

Troy (brown) and Top of Barvinok (red)

Troy and Top are brothers and live in a very nice family in Holland as well. Their owners are so happy with the boys.

Fiji and Florence of Barvinok (both brown torbies with white)

Both girls live in the USA and this is always the best option for the best friends. Fiji and Florence have been all the time together and enjoy themselves a lot!